About Us

Maysun Solar Co.ltd is a professional manufacturer of solar modules, located in the largest free trade zone in world.

Company Profile

Who we are

Maysun Solar Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in solar modules. Distribution of solar modules to global partners. Our products are used in commercial and residential systems in Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, South Africa, India, the European Union, Canada and other countries and regions. The annual production capacity of our factory is as high as 1GW. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, and has passed the certification of tuv, sgs, iec, mcs, etc. In order to better serve EU customers, Merchant has sales offices in Pakistan, Poland, Hungary and Germany.

What we do

Maysun Solar Co.ltd is located in China. Our company is specialised in production of solar panels. Our serial production includes modules Mono & Poly from 150W to 370W - 36, 60, 72 cells. In order to provide the best quality, we use high quality raw materials from reliable suppliers all over the world. Our production process includes raw material procurement, testing, production and quality inspection (Flash test, EL test, visual inspection). As a reliable partner, we provide professional sales and after-sale service. In addition, we cooperate with professional institute for developing advanced PV technologies.

Why we do it

Solar power reduces air pollution from coal power plants.  Reduces the need for nuclear power. Reduces the financial costs of electricity. Generates energy independence. Solar panels convert free energy from the sun into heat and electricity, providing stable and clean energy for our future.


Contribute To Society

There are billions of people without electricity across the world. That decreases the quality of life overall, but it also has an impact on health care, education, and other areas.Maysun Solar products support rural and low income regions, solving the problem of the electricity.


Maysun Solar is a loyal partner, providing reliable and solid service. 

In order to be closer to end user, Maysun Solar established subsidiares in key markets - EU, close east and middle east.


We are devoted to promote the development of the photovoltaic industry, powering into a green world for future generations.
We provide a value through our high quality products and reliable services.

Enterprise Mission

Reducing carbon emissions on the earth has always been the corporate objective of Maysun Solar.



Our factory was established in 2013 in Jebel Ali Free Zone. Maysun Solar FZCO is the 1st solar module manufacturer in Dubai. Our capacity is up to 200MW per year. Production process in our factory is subject to the periodic inspections, carried out by the external entities such as TUV and SGS. Production line is automatic. Whole production process includes quality tests of the components and quality tests performed during and after production. Each module passes EL tests, flash test and visual inspection. Maysun Solar FZCO owns IEC, CE, MCS, ISO certificates issued by international certification bodies such as TUV and SGS.